Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Working Mom

As a working mom I have many days where I get so frustrated with the fact that I am missing out on so many things with my kids.  Like being able to teach my daughter how to ride a bike, tie her shoes, and keep up with her homework.  I get to the point where I am just to tired or I have to many other things to do.  I feel like a helpless mom.  So I decided I needed a change.  I sign up at http://typeathome.com/ to see if I could start earning some extra money do that maybe one day I could just be home with my kids.  I am so excited to get started and can't wait to see what happens.  I love computers and love to type so what a better way to earn extra money and do things you like at the same time.

I am hopeing that with this program that I can earn enough extra money that I can stay home with my kids and still bring in a little extra at the same time.  To all working mom who sometimes think it is time to quit your jobs but you can't because you need the money.  Try http://typeathome.com/ and make a change in your life.